TheMusicator is dedicated to the promotion of grass roots music of all genres in smaller intimate settings such as coffee shops, dive bars, festivals, parks, parlors, and even street corners. Creativity flowing from these types of places represents the finest qualities of mankind and we aim to help it flourish...



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Stages are the canvas for the musician's art. Whether venues contain a stand-up stage with daily performances or relegate a corner for open mic nights, those listed here actively promote live music in their neighborhoods. They need our support; opt for them whenever you can.


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The advent of the internet, quality low-cost software, and social networking has radically changed the music industry. The days of conglomerate graft and abuse of artists are giving way to web-savvy self-promoting musician/entrepreneurs. Talent is not enough to succeed, artists must learn the business end and take control of their careers...

Knowledge is power. Get some here:

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All right, so it's not live. Still videos serve their purposes, such as promotion to venues or to help build a fan base. Here's what we got, with more coming in all the time:


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What's up with all that red text?

TheMusicator website is the partial fruition of a large vision -- a work in progress. Black text means working links (fruition!). Red text is for wanna-be links (vision -- placed as "coming attractions" to keep us focused). We are steadily working to turn all text black.


Do I really need to register?

You are welcome to peruse this site and use most functions without registering. Free, no-hassle registration is required to create a profile page. We do not share your information or bombard you with email.


What are the profile pages about?

Soon TheMusicator will provide free musician profile pages to promote themselves and their gigs. The pages may contain bios, photographs, calendars, and links to music, video, sales sites, and more.